Saturday, October 13, 2012

Organic Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies With Quinoa

 I really love quinoa. It is actually a seed and is gluten free. It is also a great source of protein. Besides making quinoa as a side dish like I would as with rice, I grind it into flour to use in baking. If I use it in breads, my husband thinks it tastes bitter. I've heard that about quinoa, but I never taste the bitter flavor. But, when I use it in cookies, I get no complaints! Just substitute regular white flour in your cookies with quinoa flour. It has a nice consistency and kind of a nutty flavor, something maybe a little like a granola bar.

·       Blend together: 1 C. Softened Organic Butter, 1 C. Organic Evaporated Cane Juice (white sugar) and 1/2 C. Organic Brown Sugar (I use *sucanat).
·       Add: 2 Free Range Eggs and 2 t. Organic Vanilla. 

·       Mix and add: 3 C. Organic Quinoa Flour, 1 t. Sea Salt, 1 t. Aluminum Free Baking Soda. 

·       After dough is blended, stir in: 1/2 C. Raw Chopped Nuts (optional), 1-1/2 C. Organic Rolled Oats, 6 oz. Chocolate Chips (I use **Enjoy Life® brand). 

I actually prefer raisins instead of chocolate chips so I'll half the batter adding chips to one half and raisins to the other. They make for a richer, sweet salty flavor in the cookies.  

·       Drop by spoonfuls on a baking stone and bake at 350° for about ten minutes. 
*I like using sucanat because it hasn’t been processed as much as brown sugar. And, you can substitute it for white or brown sugar. I do blend it though first before using or it doesn’t mix in or dissolve as quickly. I’ll buy a bag and blend the whole thing and then store it in the cupboard.
**I use Enjoy Life® baking chips or chunks. These are the only chocolate chips I have found, or any chocolate for that matter except raw cacao powder, that does not contain soy/soy lecithin. (They are also gluten and dairy free.) Soy is in so many foods we purchase, especially anything containing chocolate, and most baked goods. Soy in our diets can make us estrogen dominant which can lead to breast issues for women (maybe for men also, I’ve never looked into that). Soy is safe in a fermented state. Ancient cultures only used fermented soy.

I love baking stones. I'd love to have my pantry full of stone baking dishes. I have ones from Pampered Chef, Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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